1. good food with good people

2. yoga and pilates

3. journaling and reflecting

4. candles and blankets

5. Face Masks and wine

6. a good book and a pen

7. singing and playing guitar


9. teaching her high school students


a thought from

I think the best things happen over food.  You can try to argue with me but I have a hard time believing anything different. The most meaningful conversations in my life have happened over food, with great people, who have an abundant faith in a God who loves us. My people nudge, encourage, and point me to Jesus for all the things I struggle with - and I am thankful and full after I leave them.  I am a firm believer that meals are sacred and holy and the best things come from them. 


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Building a stronger relationship with God is a daily decision to dig in and have those conversations.    I am so excited to talk about these things with you! Here are a few topics I'd love to discuss.

* The importance of community and how to build it



* Trusting God when we don't know what's next

* How to wait well and how God can transform you 

* How to breathe life back into your quiet time

* How to root your identity in Christ

Maya is the perfect gal to talk about these topics

* How to show up as your full self and be confident taking up space in the world

Interview Maya

So excited to chat with you!

Looking forward to working with you!

Maya Kennedy is a podcaster, blogger, speaker and the go-to guide for helping women build a strong relationship with God.  As the host for The Grace Room Podcast, Maya speaks with women on a range of topics from how to trust God to how to lean into God's presence. Through her podcast, Instagram, and local outreach in her community, Maya has mentored women in a variety of areas all aimed at growing a stronger relationship with God.

Maya started writing for her University and published several essays in Vanguard University's literary journal in 2017.  She also wrote for Hope Writers, a faith based magazine, in 2018 on the topic of dating and marriage. 

When Maya is not teaching English to high school students, coaching girls basketball, or working on The Grace Room, you can find her writing, reading, or spending time with her girls in her hometown of Orange County California. 

Professional bio

Professional Bio