A podcast creating a space for YOU to grow your relationship with God and to help you be CONFIDENT in your faith.

When you are CONFIDENT in who God has made you to be you are: happier, healthier, stronger, and more sure of yourself. So let's dig in and get started

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Building a stronger relationship with God is a daily decision to dig in and have those conversations. I am here to help you become CONFIDENT
 in your faith!

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Reviews on Apple

Listening to the podcast, episode #2, made me feel like I was in the room with you two. As I listened with headphones on, I found myself nodding a lot and saying "amen" (in my head LOL). Best quote - "Run to Jesus" best reminder - build relationships, consistency is important (which is true of our relationship with Christ and others). We're taught to love one another well. This topic really hit home! Keep them coming. 

Reviews on Apple

Such a fun, inviting, passionate podcast. I love the conversations Maya is providing with her guests. She talks about topics everyone can relate with, is encouraging, and you can hear her passion for God and her podcast community when she speaks! Highlight recommend. 

Reviews on Apple

I love that this is a safe space for honest and real conversations. I felt invited in, even as a listener.  I feel so encouraged.